Winners 2021


All winning products in the Organic Beauty Awards 2021!
The Best Eco-hairdresser of the year: Bruns Frisörer
Voted by the Swedish people: “This is a hairdresser that you can trust and that makes you realize that dream hair is possible without harmful products and chemicals. In addition to always putting customers first, they work safely, sustainably and have their own range of organic and environmentally friendly hair products. ”
The Best New product in collaboration with Eco Life Scandinavia: Whamisa, Facial Oil Deep Rich
The jury's motivation: “A deep-acting product based on fermentation, which gives the skin a kick with luster and a feeling of being ten years younger. The narrow glass bottle with pipette function enhances the impression and makes the oil extremely easy to dose - wonderful! ”
The Product of the Year– Guldäpplet – in collaboration with the magazine Hälsa: Maria Åkerberg, Serum C

Voted by the Swedish people: “With moisturizing and emollient properties, this serum is a real energy boost for tired skin. Has a stylish packaging that is comfortable to hold in your hand, and a wonderful scent of citrus spreads to the sense of smell when applied. ”
Made in Scandinavia: Lip Intimate Care, Lip Balm Macadamia + Oat
The jury's motivation: “With documented mild ingredients, this fragrance-free product is specially developed for particularly sensitive areas. Appealingly simple, but at the same time protective and moisturizing for the sensitive skin and mucous membranes of the abdomen. An innovative, Swedish-made and obvious winner in an sometimes overlooked part of the market. ”
The Best Sports Product: The Skin Agent, Active Anti Friction Balm
The jury's motivation: “A product developed to facilitate frictionless runs and adventures. The cream is easy to apply, has a neutral scent, does not smudge and really does its job. It helps to take the training to new heights without unnecessary chafing! ”
The Best Baby Product: ARC, Baby & Child Baby Oil
The jury's motivation: “With its luxurious feel, versatility and wonderfully nutty scent from the plant kingdom's finest oils, this product gets parents, babies and above all the skin in a good mood. A must in the family's bathroom cabinet. ”
The Best Brown without sun: Eco by Sony, Invisible Tan
The jury's motivation: “If you want to be as fresh as a summer day all year round, this product is for you! Easy to apply on body and face and thanks to its carefully selected, organic ingredients, it does not take long before the skin gets a radiant glowy look with a toned shade. ”
The Best Eyliner / eyeliner: Maria Åkerberg, Eyeliner Cold Dark Brown
The jury's motivation: “An easy-to-apply eyeliner that makes an amateur look like a makeup professional. Vegetable oils make it compliant without smudging and its natural dyes from iron oxides softly frame the eye. In addition, it sits like a mountain all day - a pen with every right and a given winner! ”
The Best Concealer: Dark Circle Concealer, Couleur Caramel
The jury's motivation: “With a rich selection of shades and an attractive packaging, you are drawn to this concealer. Due to its creamy texture, caring ingredients, rich pigmentation and nicely natural results, it quickly becomes a beloved favorite and a must in the make-up bag. ”
The Best Hair Wash: Innersense Organic Beauty, Color Trio
The jury's motivation: “With a wonderful scent and creamy lather, the hair gets a well-deserved care of this cleansing and pleasant trio. The hair is really moisturized, retains its natural structure and gets extra glow. A nice package clearly enhances the overall impression. ”
The Best Deodorant: Heather of Lapland, Deodorant Hjortronblom
The jury's motivation: “A reliable deodorant in a stylish package with a fantastic scent that creates a fresh feeling that lasts all day, even after a sweaty workout. Easy to apply and dries quickly without clogging the skin - suitable for all occasions! ”
The Best Alco Hand Wash: Neal´s Yard Remedies, Natural Defense Hand Rub
The jury's motivation: “Size does not matter, it is usually hot, and this also applies in this case. This little racker takes care of 99.9% of all bacteria without drying out your hands and it also smells lovely! Perfect for the handbag, desk, car…. simply a bestie to take with you everywhere! ”
The Best Body Lotion: Neal’s Yard Remedies, Wild Rose Body Lotion
The jury's motivation: “What a scent! What a formula! What packaging! This is a luxurious lotion whose essential oils and unique composition of nature's own treasures spread love to both body and mind. Once the skin has weathered on this creamy moisturizer, it never wants anyone else. ”
The Best Facial Boost: Dr. True, Nourishing Anti-Aging Serum
The jury's motivation: “Packed with exclusive oils, protective probiotics and several other active substances, this is the ultimate serum. With several different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid, it gives moisture to all layers of the skin and already after a few days of use, the face gets a completely new glow - wow. "
The Best Night Cream: Inika Organic, Phytofuse Renew Resveratrol Rich Night Cream
The jury's motivation: “An unusually soft, creamy, smooth and smudge-free night worker who penetrates with ease, moisturizes, softens and repairs the skin so that you wake up with more stuns. Thanks to its natural and organic ingredients, it is both nourishing and rebuilding - now you can finally look forward to lubricating yourself before bedtime."
The Best Facial Cleanser: Esse Probiotic Skincare, Sensitive Cleanser
The jury's motivation: “This cleansing darling is not only extra kind to your skin when you wash off the day - it is also easy to dose and very beautiful to look at. A well-balanced cleansing cream that feels good for all the senses, even the conscience as it contains 100 percent natural ingredients. ”
The Best Toner: Evolve Organic Beauty, Daily Defense Moisture Mist
The jury's motivation: “A toner that, unlike many others, really does its job! You feel how it treats the skin with a "irritating" and is fantastic for problem skin. Fresh scent, stylish packaging and of course natural ingredients.”